I blame you. I blame you for not seeing all that I am. I blame you for taking me too softly under your arm without telling me how hard will it get. I blame you for making our differences our only conversation. I blame you for putting me in a box. One that fits only... Continue Reading →



Out of my very humble experience in reading, I can name at least a 100 books talking about love. I can name a few others that talk about the pain of losing someone you love. A million dead poets and authors went into extensive detail on how does it feel to miss someone, hate someone,... Continue Reading →

2019 Parenting Tips

To begin with, and before this title irritates many parents busting their ass to raise their kids the perfect way, I would hereby like to confirm that I am not a parenting expert. I have no children, and hardly doubt that I will ever be able to handle such tremendous pressure of raising a human... Continue Reading →


I happen to be a firm believer of two concepts that probably have been directing my actions for quite a while now: Do not judge a book by it's cover (or a guy by a textual conversation via cell data) Don't ask why ? Ask Why not? Although they sound like quotes of the day... Continue Reading →

That Damn Coffee Machine

I remember the day I got that coffee machine. I remember what made me go out and decide I want the hippest , coolest , most modern , high tech coffee maker in the store. You were coming over at night , and my old coffee maker used to leave a rusty taste in the... Continue Reading →

Timing is Essence. 

It's 6 am where I am right now. I have tucked myself in 2 hours ago , fully convinced I'm drowsy and can have a good night sleep. And obviously , without any luck, I stay wide awake as an owl.I have never been before in a phase where I cannot sleep because I miss... Continue Reading →

The Tinder Dream

It has been quite a while that I've been religiously active on tinder. Whatever reason that may be , I always came back for more. The few bunch that knew about my shameful secretly buried tinder account always asked me this question. What do you expect out of it? Every Time this question came along ,... Continue Reading →

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